who I am

a school system educated engineer, a self-taught photographer

about me & my services

my background is in engineering and industrial design.
after working 4 years in the automotive engineering field, I made a switch to a more alluring and creative industry. 
this gave me the opportunity to take works of photography, web design, graphic design, content creating and directing campaigns for different niche businesses.
from my early years I was interested in visual arts and I guess this got stuck with me until these present days.
being a photographer, I like to observe and capture moments in a clean aesthetic.
black and white photography is my favorite, but I don’t say no the color.
I love skin, product design, and typography.
details are very important in my work, but I’m not afraid of taking some steps back for a wider view.


photography ︎︎︎ social media ︎︎︎ art direction ︎︎︎ web design 


visual identity ︎︎︎ social media ︎︎︎ packaging ︎︎︎ business cards ︎︎︎ posters ︎︎︎ menus

I am passionate with a clear goal when working for new projects, trying to find a new language for your brand using my own touch.


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